How To Enhance Your Offer

Posted by berrisfordl

Here are some questions you need to consider when creating your offer because they will allow you stand out in your market place.


Stand Out



What are you offering your customers? This is a question that needs diligence. As it can be one of the biggest stumbling blocks to your success in business and life in general.

What’s in it for your customers? People are always interested in how what you offer them is going to benefit them. Have you considered this carefully?

What make your customer sure they can believe you? People need certainty so what certainty are you providing your potential customers with to help them make the decision. What is your guarantee? Last week I made a decision about something I needed to do for a while. A friend shared with me a similar thing he was doing and that gave me the certainty I was looking for. What would make your customers certain you can help them?

How much they have to pay for your product or service? We are not only talking about money. Will the product or service work easily? Are there additional overhead to get going? Is it going to cause more or less pain?

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Dr Berrisford Lewis